Hi, I'm MAKHGAL Ganbold

Mathematician, Statistician, Web Developer


Mathematician, Statistician, Web Developer

My name is Makhgal Ganbold. My friends call me Galaa. I'm a founder of www.JExtBOX.com and an author of some good books around statistics. I'm a mathematician, a statistician, a teacher, a web developer, a husband and a father of my little son & daughter.

I have been working as a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia since 2009. I teach statistics and I'm an expert in R language. There are R packages in CRAN, which are contributed by Me and I'm still maintaining it. Also I have been working as a freelance web developer since 2011. I develop Joomla Extensions.

My hobbies are web development, programming, taking photography, riding a bicycle, collecting the greatest movies especially animations and listening to the rock music. I love open source and free software such as Linux, LaTeX and R. I have a lot of experience in using them. I use open-source programs and operating systems every day.


Web sites

I was developed several web sites including www.JExtBOX.com and www.UUDAG.com.

Joomla Extensions

Joomla Extensions, which are developed by Me, are published on the JExtBOX.com.

LaTeX Classes and Templates

  1. The FinalExamZ document class for exam preparation
  2. The template for presentations, handouts, lecture notes on Beamer


  1. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    The original title is "Магадлал Статистикийн Удиртгал".
  2. R Statistical Programming Language
    The original title is "Статистик програмчлалын R хэл".
  3. Multivariate Analysis - Theory and Application with R
    The original title is "Олон хэмжээст өгөгдлийн статистик шинжилгээ - Онол, R програм дээрх хэрэглээ".
  4. R Statistical Programming Language (2nd edition)
    The original title is "Статистик програмчлалын R хэл".


  1. Python handbook
    The original title is "Python хэл".

R packages

  1. simukde: Simulation with Kernel Density Estimation
  2. NSO1212: National Statistical Office of Mongolia's Open Data API Handler for R


  1. R language training
  2. R package development
  3. Statistical consulting